Creating a new lineup of personal care products specially designed to attract the emerging DAD BOD segment.

Attract dad-bod to the personal care category by simplifying the purchase decision with a newly created ELEMENTAL line, inspired in his uncomplicated and natural way of life.

IDEA "the basic things"

Great things in life are simple and actually basic. Those are the ones people will never get tired of seeing, listening too and thus, enjoying.

Simple and basic things in life are ELEMENTAL, which by the way, translates the same in all major languages and it is easily understood in many more.

The old & well known four elements concept (Water, Fire, Earth, Air) were thus considered as the central executional proposal to bring to life r n motion's "Elemental" idea.

spray NETWT.4.0 OZ (113g) "AIR" is contained on a metallic presurized spray can. Both the body and the lid preserve some of the distinctive ELEMENTAL product design.
liquid NETWT. 4.2 OZ (125ml) The bottle design is inspired on a "flame" wich is allusive to the fire variant name. It's plastic has fine polished finish.
liquid NETWT. 4.2 OZ (125ml) The tube design conserves the basic "leave shape" caracteristics wich are allusive to the leave used in representation for the "earth" variant name. It is made out a soft white polished plastic, and a clear green hard cap.
liquid NETWT. 13 (385ml) The bottle design has the smoothness and gravity feel like shape that matches the "drop fall" represented for the water variant. It has a well polished white plastic finish.